Apr 23, 2021
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team roster and detailed player information (phone #'s, email addresses, etc.)

season schedule including playoff support

player availability, teammates update their own weekly availability

online facility court directions

current and past week's lineup

list refreshment requirements for home matches

division standing and division statistics

post weekly results, including set scores and points

maintain team and individual statistics, even across multiple seasons

available for update 24/7, from home or office, or even your web-based phone

secure password for team members, keeps your team's performance private

verify lineups according to ALTA rules

broadcast lineup email

broadcast division standing email

and more...

Welcome to Net Captain, a web-based tool for tennis team management and communication.

Currently, we are busy trying to complete the first generation of Net Captain so any description we provide will be brief.

Basically, this is a tool to assist in the headaches of managing a tennis team. Right now, Net Captain is specific to ALTA (Atlanta Lawn Tennis Accociation). It will migrate to support USTA in the next generation.

Net Captain will take the headache out of managing your team. Virtually every aspect of team management is automated.

Team members:
Net Captain will show you the progress of your team. You can update your availability for the captain. And, view extensive statistics over the current season, or over multiple seasons.

Demo Mode:
If you are not currently in our system and want to experience the features of this site, you can log on in demo mode and look around. During the login screen, use the email address of ' ' and password of 'demo', both without the quotes. Once logged in with demo mode, you will notice that you are part of two teams. In one team, you are the captain and special previleges will be available to you. In another team, you are only a team member. Admin previleges are hidden to non-captains.

If you like what you see here and want your ALTA team to use this system, please email for more information

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